According to one expert, those who harvest consciousness are “rolling out next level tricks to derail an individual from fulfilling his/her soul purpose”. Sounds pretty terrifying!

So who are these people/groups intent on “derailing individuals”?

Are they ad agencies hired to guide a person’s view towards a brand’s intentions? Indeed, in a way, we really could say ad agencies do guide a person’s attention AWAY from his/her passions/”inner life” AND TOWARDS purchasing specific branded experiences, objects or services.

So, how is this “consciousness harvesting” performed, you ask? What are the nitty gritty tactics.

In a sentence: Relationship, research, planning, storytelling…

They didn’t just listen to your final conversation last night. They created a dream for you to dream when you fell asleep. And this dream planted seeds for today, which flowered quickly into the fruit of your actions, actions they wanted you to take on their behalf, so that their timeliness would anchor more deeply into all flesh.

And when you sensed confusion, when you felt your actions were not your own, when you walked as if hypnotized through half your day, when you slightly suspected that media had “injected” you last night…well, you were right.

So now that you…

SUMMARY: This brief set of paragraphs below outlines the content that will be in a pre-ICO (Initial Coin Offering) white paper. The purpose of these paragraphs is to provide technical writers with a framework for completing a highly detailed white paper. There are three threads necessary in this white paper:

PART ONE: the definition and value of an AI-driven trading algorithm that is based upon an ancient formula used by a few select groups to generate great wealth. Let us call it The Ouroboros. This portion of the white paper will reveal and outline the algorithm. The reader will…

A form of entertainment is coming that will act as a bridge from “here” to “there”. And most will not want to come back. Bodhisattvas, the ones adept at moving between “here” and “there”, will become like gods and goddesses upon the Earth. You will get to work on time. You will have translations in hand of last hour’s “living dream” while “there”. You will learn to deliver the benefits of “there” to “here”.

Nathaniel Hansen

The Socializers founder. Market research using machines & human analysts. 2021: The machine undergoes full embodiment.

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